heading efficiency 
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heading efficiency

Following 8D report, PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and DMAIC from Six Sigma we have defined this approach, combined with our experience:

I = Input parameters

define challenge or situation to improve

define framework conditions

define improvement team and ressources


N = Null-status

primary survey

collect data of initial situation

make Null-status comparable


T = Targets

analysis of present situation

define targets 


E = evaluation and actions 

finding solutions and perspectives

defining actions

decision of improvement team
test actions


LL = Lessions learned

analysis of new situation 
analysis of change

supporting improvements / refinements / upgrades


E = Evaluation + corrective actions

comparative and multidisciplinery analysis

identifying deviations

corrective action when needed


C = Create standards

change management

training employees


T = Type on paper


final report

transfer to management


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