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act with intellect
Process Optimization
Non-destructive examination
Our philosophy



Dead end? We can help!


We can help if your developments have stalled, if your technical systems have gotten out of control or if your customers threaten you with contractual penalties.

Finding the balance


Many systems are overloaded with sensors and add-ons. Facilities and machinery seem to be "gold-plated" to improve quality and safety - at least that is what they say. Reality often looks different though: too many complicated tasks are difficult to control and lead to confusion among engineers. Expensive control systems and computer programs have to be installed to monitor and control these overloaded processes.



Increasing risk of failure, lowering of production quality, increasing costs



Focusing on the essence


Focusing on the essence is easily lost when highly complex processes are implemented. Starting in the planning phase it is important to always keep in mind: less is more! Especially in troubleshooting the major challenge is to dissolve intricate and tricky interrelations in order to understand coherences. Functional chains can bring very unpleasant surprises, but they never happen against physical and chemical laws!


Stay lean in your processes!