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Dipl. Ing. Thomas Troppenauer


is founder of Ecustodia. He is the creator of the S4C and Driving Assistance patents. With his background in commercial education he graduated at the technical university extra-occupational (Montanuniversität Leoben, Environmental Technologies and Process Engineering). While holding various engineering positions at Infineon AG and Christof Group his main focus has always been on process optimization and troubleshooting. In his last year at Christof Group he was building up the R&D departement. Since may 2010 he has been dedicating all his time to the Ecustodia project. 



Dipl. Ing. Karim Khodier


connetcing process engineering and data- and information management. Core topic: Translating complexity of processes into easy understandable information and indicators. 



Environmental technologies and process engineering at the "Montanuniversität Leoben". 



Dipl. Ing. Martijn Kiers


Study of Spatial & Regional Planning at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht 

Specializations: Planning and Urban Research (1989-1993)
Study of Spatial Planning at the University of Amsterdam  
pecialization: Traffic, Transport and Infrastructure (1993/94 and 1995/96)
Project Manager for Dynamic Traffic Management, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water (Min V & W)Regional Directorate North-Holland (1997-1998)
Project Manager for plan preparation and plan design
Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water (Min V & W, Regional Directorate of Utrecht (1998-2006)
Project staff Innovation, 
Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water (Min V & W), the main office of the MinistryThe Hague (2000-2001)
Senior researcher and lecturer in the field of traffic engineering at FH JOANNEUM  GmbH,
Diploma course "economic infrastructure(2006 - 2011)
Since the year 2008:
     Bachelor's degree program "Energy, Transport and Environmental Management"
     Master program "Energy and Transportation Management"

Areas of knowledge:

Spatial planning, transport planning, traffic Telematiks, Dynamic traffic management, environmental impact assessment, shared space, indoor navigation, benchmarking, soft mobility, surveys and evaluations, municipal transport plans, etc.



Mag. Walter Kraßnitzer

Mr. Kraßnitzer is a business economist with management experience at international plant engineering for more than 20 years. He is Managing Director in a plant engineering company with more than 250 employees. Mr. Kraßnitzer is co-founder. His function is to mentor with focus on finance and marketing.