Non-destructive examination 
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Process Optimization
Non-destructive examination
Our philosophy

Quality assurance by non-destructive examination


Thermography is a very fast and cost-effective thermal measure procedure that is able to detect even invisible error sources. The thermal transport, subject to material and geometry, is monitored and recorded by ultra-red detectors. In support to conventional thermography the research object can also be stirred by an external energy source (passive thermography), such as hot air, laser, ultrawave, induction or microwave.  


We have summarized our experiences and the most important questiones that keep arising in the field of non-destructive examination: 



- Detailed task definition. Clear differentiation. What is the task, what is not?

- Is the customer looking for optimization potential or does he have a detailed problem?

- What is expected of a non-destructve examination? 

- Reproducibility of measurements. Strict compliance to real conditions.

Condition Monitoring: must be classifiable

- Cause- and effect inter-relations: record and illustrate 

- If it is necessary to find a series of causes one should:

--> Avoid changing more than one parameter at a time!

--> Avoid interpreting errors: a clear description what can be seen and what not will do.

--> Avoid jumping at conclusions 

--> Interprete results in unison: bring evaluation of thermography and the know-how of your business together 

we increase safety and quality of your products and processes